Human survival basically existential war
Where path of the Truth be the only savior
Crisscrossing through many a ditches evil
Ailments sorrows deaths as would reveal
Aberration allurement for unstable mind
Sources of deviation detrimental to unwind
Inner senses to attain level of supreme bliss
When core of consciousness never miss
Discarding each epitome 
Gradual uplifting on the path to salvation
For the Truth manifesting in illumination
Leading to the ultimate stage of Nirvanam
To Dhamma Sangha Tathagata saranam.

My Dhobiwala Lockdown My Economy

In the morning my doorbell rang – after opening doors I find my Dhobiwala standing outside after months of absence. In fact like me most of his elderly  customers do not  venture outside since pandemic , hence hardly needed pressed clothes  to wear for outside engagements. Casually I enquired  – whether he has opened his laundry as usual? Sadly he reacted – already  very little of customers  for his laundry  left; now that restricted lockdown imposed after sundown he manages to knock at customers doors , otherwise how to feed family. I prefer not to say any word  but had him over couple of clothings sensing his plights. He is no lone sufferer because of the prevailing  Covid scare but at every strata of the society  livings and livelihood collapsing fast . 

There are no denying  to the halfhearted  preparedness to the pandemic  with misleading  and quackery policy spreaded in the beginning compared to the rapid improvisation of Healthcare facilities and research.Finally we woke up after a long sleep  of Lockdown but lost enough time and manpower  which could have been utilized to improve infrastructure for Healthcare.By now Demonetisation followed by Pandemic have crippled  employment, investment, output and market system for the entre economy.Lockdown never a solution accepted worldwide by all who are concerned.Now when testing facilities and also vaccination are adequately available ,both the protocol need to be expanded and utilized unrestricted to reach out every household.Elderly may recollect  how in 50s and 60s  yearly vaccination  drive used to reach at every house and locality. Our country successfully eradicated many a  epidemic diseases without any lockdown call locally or nationally.No doubt increase in population and non adherence of safety measures have become deterrents but literacy, affluence supported by advancement in science, medicine and healthcare are priviledges awaiting rational will to combat adversities.A delayed response or allclosed method would  obviously be abortive in final outcome.

                                                                History suggests best of human faculty comes out post crisis and also it suggests offering enough way outs to all who matter but one who knows to seize wins. Post Great Depression in 30s Prof. Keynes realized the shortcomings in the prevailing Classical Theory of economics for failing to explain and avert depression in anticipation of self correction.Prof. Keynes in his path breaking General Theory insisted the creation of effective demand and increased state participation to stabilize economy. During expanding recession in USA spreading to UK and Europe and worldwide inflationary pressure made emergence to a new school of thought from the Chicago school of economics promoted by Prof. Friedman . The  focal point of Friedmanian  prescription has been liberalizing economy from govt. intervention and market forces to determine and to bring about stabilization.Popularly known as  Neo liberal economic doctrine or Market economy  now has become the adopted messiah globally as the world becoming one market .Successive world Trade  conferences initiating  removal of tarrif,restrictions or sanctions to facilitate free trade among countries.

                                                 With ills from Demonetisation soon followed by pandemic Lockdown, our country has been witnessing an unforeseen socio economic crisis of recession,unemployment, price riseand curtailment  of state socoal initiatives .forcing negative movement of economy .The fact corroborated by both the officials and non official sources.Since introducing liberal market policy by Narasimha Rao government AND because of  improved macroeconomic policy from RBI,our economy averted Worldwide Recession in 2008.Ours has been among handful countries professing rising economy.Hence the scenario of Lockdown has become usheror for economic collapse slowly.We for sure don`t know if eminent Canadian author  Naomi Klein `s  predictions that Neo liberal authority uses crisis to impose harsh unpopular policies when public focus manipulated through several agencies and media.

Fortunately our democratic fundamentals and values are capable to withstand crisis and public are seized of situations.No doubt the pandemic has shown many fallacies in the neo liberal market economy – while economy , as per official survey, expected for V- shaped recovery from rock bottom at 2020; more than 4 million migrants lost livelihood, Entire MSME sector dying, all essentials price soaring, welfare policies slashed,education – classes virtual but fees recovered full, healthcare budget not hiked but list of Indian billionaires added by seventeen this period.

The state of affairs at USA under the  champion of liberal economy Trump administration has revived the idea of state participation  and the pandemic has necessitated the concept of welfare state policies away from  market economy but not necessarily Marxian. Lockdown  may be a shortcut passage but would become Achilles heel  of the revival  process for the economy.

Much Ado About Many A Things

Beatrice from small town Messina( of well off household)

Since childhood, crazy with dancing acting and dreams bold,

Benedict  from the neighborhood always uses to tease Beatrice

Although his introvert nature withholds his feeling  as cold as ice:

Ambition and glamour show alluring the girl now in her late teen

She arrives at the big city to make her name on silver screen-

Appearing in small roles here there before she gets to be noticed Chanced upon Don Juan -the producer for hisnext film Edifice;

Party Revelry Romance she now in dates with upcoming hero Claudio

Anyway Claudio , maintains to live in with another partner ,a modern Romeo:

Within the glamour cobweb blinks fun melodrama and twist of thriller

At a closely held  charged revelry-Claudio found dead in washroom corner,

The fact,  lying aside on wash basin Beatrice`s diamond earring socket,  

The Police promptly taken her under custody as the main suspect:

The  sensationalized news reaches her town with spicy byte(s)

Her guardian Leonardo and buddy Benedict feeling no respite-

Both mobilizing their resources and reach city before trial

Upset they are at the sight of dear Beatrice`s state of ordeal,

Beatrice`s counsel arguing away  prosecution chargesheet

With tears of joy she,now released,intimately hugs Benedict.

Happy ending with nuptials would have been as expected

But lo ! a later narco charge suddenly appearing resurrected

In fine, so much ado about so many loose thriller knot(s)

To Bard ,with due apology,be in rest at the graveyard plot.

Life on the roll

She plays her violin and intermittently begs onlookers for few pences.                     

 He plays his flute and for passers by to throw coins wait with patience,                 

 You may find her on Strand beside the river Thames .

  I find him occasionally on Princep beside the Ganges .

 World apart they even not knowing each other.

  Professionally both would be identified as street beggar.

  Do they both really beg for self sustenance?                        

Do public not paying to listen their solo performance?        

 It’s the one-world dominating by rules of market economy.

 Nothing available as freebies except social relief money;   

 London or Kolkata people make own different ways for living

On the playground of life one must know the art of dribbling.

Battlefield Farmland

During the last twenty  days , the capital city of the country al siege by the agitating  farmers  of the northern belt states namely  Punjab, Haryana & UP. The impact of the  agitation  has  created  serious ramifications  among  the political parties, media, various state governments ,overseas Indians other than stakeholders of the agitation. Even  many  among  foreign leaders  abruptly had voiced their concerns on the  justifiability of the causes  for farmers` grievances – the entire episode eventually now snowballs  at the doorstep of the Highest Judiciary for whatever reasons. The farmers have been on agitations as soon as three bills were passed in the parliament namely,Farmers`produce trade and commerce (promotion & facilitation) act ,Farmers` (empowerment & protection ) agreement  on price assurance and farm services act, Essential commodities act in the month of September 2020.

If we indulge  a cursory look  around the world during past few years, agitations by the people dependant on agriculture and allied activities had been frequently sparked out over southern states of USA ,  EU  countries, UK ,Latin Americann countries and also in South Africa. The causes and effects might be varying  but the common thread  remained fierce protests of  anguished farmers against the failure of the authority either to protect the interest of the farmers or to address the growing crisis on agricultural issues.Even the method  adopted apparently   appears similar – assembly and barricade at principal square with tractors, ploughers and trucks and then regular charges by  law keepers  retaliatory from protesters.As  found from reports, finally the settlement or the arbitration emanated  politically out of dialogue between the Govt. and the protesting farmers  and without any other agency broking  settlement irrespective of the nature of the ruling authority.

The ongoing farmers` agitation, notwithstanding the veracity or justifiability of the causes, definitely  needs to be resolved  through  political goodwill of the stakeholders  and peoples`trust  over the process and the parties.In a democratic  setting the people or the farmers and their representative law making authority or the government  should have faith and confidence mutually to resolve the dispute whatsever.Any other wing or interlocutor encroaching or outreaching to the arena would at the end may destabilize the basics of people`s authority.

The last resort in the democracy to agree on any disagreement between a government and the people ( be of any affiliation) would remain the august floor of Parliament not before the  blindfolded lady with scale of judgment.

A Man – A Vision & The city of Allahabad

A very  ancient but popular saying – dharmo rakshati rakshitah  i.e dharma protects the protected ; definitely dharma here does not indicate religion or ISM but intrinsic value  of the element or matter.Each element bears an value or property which holds its singular basic property for identification among similar other items.So also journalistic dharma holds with publishing the truth and without any fear or favour.

Today`s world  are  frequently  mentioned  sarcastically as synonym for purchased media of fake reports- not  at all honourable ascription.To say journalism has deviated from its dharma now a days may be minimal depravity. It happened to be British colonial era more than a century from presentday an educationist  of Bengali origin , also principal of a well reputed institution in Allahabad started  his publication of monthly magazine in Bengali ` Prabasi ` in 1901, he was  late Ramananda Chattopadhyay also known as father figure of Indian journalism. Born in a remote village of Bankura  in the year 1865 he completed his post graduation in English from university of Calcutta in 1890. While pursuing his postgraduate studies he got close to Brahmo Samaj and was Astt. Editor of their journal  Indian Messenger where began his stepping stone for  future pursuit to journalism.After a  stint of lectureship he left for Allahabad in 1895 to join Kayastha Kanya Pathsala .Meanwhile he had been  editing  a periodical  but  disassociated soon owing to differences on outlook as he held strong independent views  not amenable  at any cost.

Probasi  had been enormously popular  and accepted among  intelligentia as well as middleclass gentry from Bengal and out of Bengal as it could offer  fictions, short plays,articles on varied topics and poetry alongwith illustrations.To its credit was that  Rabindranath had been a regular contributor and most of his  novels were published in serialized version including Gora.With the immense success of Probasi  the monthly , Ramanand Babu had been keeping watch on the political scenario and nationalist movement under the Congress leadership. Meanwhile  the Allahabad  based newspaper  The Pioneer had been passing through internal crisis and shifted publication to Lucknow.Soon his  journalistic instinct and financial  cost to run Probasi  manifested  in  bringing out  a sister monthly publication in English Modern Review in 1907.Since its inception Ramananda Babu  kept the newspaper independent of any Party inclination but  with nationalistic outlook and a forum for  the pan india intellectuals .It did established such  a credential of its own in its time that it had most of the intelligentia as contributors, including  pseudonymous Jawaharlal Nehru .

Ramananda Babu is described  as a pioneer in Indian journalism  because he believed and set precedence in free and  unbiased  news publication  with faithful coverage for readers from all status of the society.He advised  true reporting needed knowledge  in depth to display  public opinion.Both  Probasi and Modern Review later shifted to Calcutta as headquarters till their final closure.But these two newspapers had steered the course  for true  professioanal  journalism, unfortunately somewhere eclipsed for fear or favour to an extent.

It was a fact Ramananda Babu was associated with Brahmmo Samaj and later in life with Hindu Mahasabha  for some years before quitting but he never imposed or impressed on his newspaper his personal views.


Sometumes i prefer life`s journey reversal

To compensate so many unachieved desire

Body not permitting with age also in denial

To patch up many imperfections leftover,

How bdo i find lost days in adoloscence

Run on halfpant over football ground

Playing inside paddy alleyno adherance

Days of thrills and laughter then abound,

On downpour if classes closed all of sudden

Myself Sabbir Paul walked drenched to the lake

Slipped on sharp pebbles bruised with pain

Indomitable our joy, never felt at stake.

Bygone moments in life never to return

In blackhole of time for nobody`s concern.

Divinity Franchise Jurisprudence

With apology to Sant Kabir –  Devi  khadi kanooni bazar mein

                                                   Bair hui nyayalay

                                                 Vakil unki  sarkari

                                                Bhaktojan  bane ashay

With the unwrapping of current happenings in the  country ,  the  Divine Grace has been crest- fallen on the floor of  His Lordshps  where  He/ She  has been summoned  as litigant persona ; be it to decide gender discrimination of the devotees ,to adjudicate the birth place of deity  or to restrain devotees  Darshan of the idol from close proximity, it is the judiciary ` saranam gachcha`( Redeemer ).

The festival of invoking Maa Durga  ( popularly known as Sarodotsav) bears an umbilical cord to the people and residents of  the Bengal  – the bangalis : the singularly exuberant Bangaliyana by  tradition. Aswin , a month  of autumn arrives  when  cotton flake like cloud  gliding around blue sky, when Kash ( tall alley grasses) flowers blooming in  abundance, when  high pitched beat from Dhak ( drum) resonating in the air and our heart wafting  with pleasantly cool atmosphere ; it is then  the Godess  Durga  accompanied with her children begins her journey of home coming during the holy fortnight – Devipaksha . The invocation rituals  of  the Ma Durga  begin  on the sixth of Aswin fullmoon fortnight  ( Mahasasthi) and are being performed till Tenth of the  fortnight ( Vijayadashami ) ending with immersion of the idols into the river.

The invocation of the Godess  Durga  had its root in the ancient Purana as a symbol of the omnipotent  Adi Shakti but it used to be worshiped during  the spring month of Chaitra fortnight of the full moon as Ma Basanti.The current  calendar of  Puja festival , also named  AkalBodhan, as per folklores  had been initiated by Raja Kansnarayan of  Taherpur  ( some said Raja  of  Dinajpur  ) during the  Moghul  rule in the end years of 1500 A.D. Later the landlord from  Barisha the Saborna  Roychowdhury  began  to worship  Ma Durga  since 1610 A.D.In  the initial years, the Puja  used to be celebrated in the household  of the wealthy or the rich landlords to exhibit their opulence to the British rulers- many of the British officials would enjoy as invitees the special entertainment programmes in their honour. The community  worship called Baroyari Puja ( twelve friends)  was first organized in 1910 by a group at Baghbazar and now becomes  popular as Sarbojanin  Puja  at public places  with  contributions as well as participations of the community.With the passing of years, what used to be pure orthodox way of celebration  transformed  into commercial pomp and showmanships barring domestic and few community like Baghbazar Pujas.

As it is most likely, any  festival  or celebration  with mass appeal and participation will have political ramnifications  expected to implore the multitude of voters. As  a matter of  fact, the link of Puja  festivals  with the political programmes  had been established  during the pre independence years as a cover to  misguide the British rulers.But  after independence, barring few  early years the mass celebrations has become jamboree of political muscle powers where political leaders become covert patrons.Obviously  following  tussle  of  power centres , the Puja committee and the Divinity are occasionally  dragged to the  temple of the justice.

In the early 2021, the state of West Bengal  is scheduled to go for the Assembly election  and the ruling dispensation has much  to worry this time with the Right Wing  brigade already denting vote bank.With  couple of months left before the election schedule announced , the  Durga Puja is  a god sent channel  for party propaganda and public relations ; Ms. Mamata Banerjee , her party supremo and the chief minister  in a calculated strategy to offset her minority appeasement image announced in the month of september2020  govt. allowance of Rs. 1000 /- per month and free house from govt. scheme  for  8000 Hindu priests. On a subsequent  announcement she sanctioned  Rs. 50000/- to each of  37000 Puja Committees in the state . Added to it 50% concession in electricity bill and waiver of all permissions statutory also she conceded.

From   October 14 , 2020 Ms. Banerjee on a pandal hopping  spree has continued to inaugurate Puja in different parts of the city ; an act though popular to her image but in consequence  afterwards has  warranted  massive uncontrolled crowd  assemblies within pandals  and all Covid protocols flouted.Under a crazy  and alarming situation forthcoming, a division bench of Calcutta High Court  responding to an application on October 19 passed  an order –to summarise,

  1. Each puja pandal is  declared as No Entry zone  and no devotee or visitor will be allowed inside pandal  as viewer or otherwise
  2. The area of no entry  will be 5 meters  for smaller and 10 meters for big pandals
  3. Only organizers  will be allowed iside 25 for smaller and 50 for big pujas.

In a separate order from another bench ,it has been ad interim stipulated  that the grant money of 50000/- from public exchequer must be used for  purchases relating to masks, shields ,sanitisers with proper vouchers for audit and 25% may be used on non entertainmental public awareness activities. 

The judicial intervention in the domain of  administration or for that matter extra judicial outreach deactivates the checks and balances in any democratic setup and causes apparent point of conflict.We have quite often in the recent years came across the judiciary to intervene to set right legislative logjam, to adjudicate faiure of law and order , matter of religious faiths.Even the very Calcutta High Court order appears more a role play of the judiciary what ought to have initiated from the Administration or the Police and they failed miserably and alarmingly.In the process we find a few chips as how the public who paid subscriptions, who are devotees to the idol, whose money indirectly doled by govt. stand restrained from entry and also different from the organizers numbering 25 / 50? Why the pomp and extravaganza  is not made to curtail beyond a limit? Why the concerned authorities are not taken to task even strictured (when there is live instance from Kerala the spurt in Covid infections post Onam festivals) for most irresponsible steps in the name of falling livelihoods.The state by now on record  has around 330000 affected persons with daily additions. Should to  remember a quote “ A hangman`s rope always support the hanged “,It would be inappropriate not to blame the oppositions – the right winger itself has organized celebration of puja fully aware of Centre`s advisory and otherwise awaiting to gain on the ruling party`s folly ; the left winger and ally desire to fishing in the already troubled political water.In such a scenario the judiciary is hailed by the people as ultimate savior, a role it always likes to abhor for itself .With the increasing data on infection  during the days post Court order justifies the veracity of the sanctions imposed. An appeal is preferred on behalf of the Puja committees but rejected. In fact dilution of the order will be at the perils of the common people often bait in the big political game – the Election.


Joseph Stiglitz,A Tea Stall ,Indian GDP

On  a summer midday navigating through pages from FREEFALL  by nobel laureate Joseph and enjoying his meticulous analysis how American economy ,leapt out of Great Depression in 1930, now facing a great squeeze or fall of its economy  post collapse of big banks during 2008.As it happened since 1928 american agriculture was hit by severe droughts and  simultaneously automobile and other manufacturing industries closed down one after another ( an entire city of Detroit almost abandoned)spreading fallout of industrial  activities in the Europe and elsewhere.Exactly as a copy  in 2008 closure of Lehmans` financial and banking business due to steady loss in subprime mortgage and real estate portfolio triggered panic button on its stakeholders creating cardhouse effect of collapses worldwide in financial markets. Also alike 1930`s during 2008 ,to make goings worst  stocks witnessed  freefall  resulting heavy turmoil  in the world economy with epicenter USA.The collapse in 2008 was not totally unpredictable or unwarned for few prominent economists as well as world bank officials had been red flagging or cautioning but overlooked as cynics.

I am absorbed in the book when my phone started ringing- I can see my friend  from  Barrackpur,my childhood place, on screen.After pleasantries etc. he drops a news—the young man who  used to run a Tea stall near the portico of Railway station a few days back committed suicide inside his stall keeping shutter half closed. We would almost daily after commuting back from office halt at the stall and with sip in tea just ues to pass few moment before departing to own places. The stall for its locational vantage, quality tea and patron daily train passengers was having  more than briskly business.My friend laments on phone due to pandemic and closure of local trains, the tea stall along with other shops whose primary customerbase being railway users totally closed their businesses and so nearly starved.This boy could not withstand as he had a family of 6 to maintain half fed unfed over 6 months with no changes forthcoming.After my  friend  finished his call, I begin to imagine the vast railways ( own employees apart)particularly local trains directly or otherwise sources of  earning livelihood to innumerable hawkers, stallwalas, rickshaw poolers and so many people in the encompassment; but now their lifeline choked what lies ahead but extreme decisions.In fact I now  have settled  far from my native place and also have lost touches  with people, places what once were ways in is natural I would have  forget in my current ways if a debate on TV start its cacophony.

These now jobless individuals are  no migrant labourers-not estimated under urban or metro  unorganized sectors. They are locals on their own have been engaged through petty  businesses at rail stations or rail compartments to sustain their dependants.It will be surprising  if ever or at all the turnover,residual  surplus or collateral economic contribution  got recorded  officially or unofficially. On statistical data enumeration ,compilation and release, these business or non recognizable economic  activities ,for sure,have gone with the wind on nonoperational rail tracks for thou no holy to estimate of GDP of economy.

Come to think on economy. Media buzzing on contraction of ourGDP during 1st quarter @ 23`9 – an alltime low.To explain  further  post COVID lockdown  growth falling   in construction port &infra sector approx.51%, in manufacturing  40%, in hotel/ transport falling 47%– except agriculture  and exports of  its produces  showing modest rise.The state of economy with continuous freefall is not stranger to our bedroom but  was much argued and predicted  on all platforms – from IMF to various predictions by economists here and abroad.One focal cause stands neutrally common noncohesive casual implementation of Lockdown steps as  noticed during demonetization.Citizens do accept seriously but policymakers dither.

With unprecedented lockdown clamping over months  alongwith  worldwide effects of pandemic,commercial and manufacturing activities at standstill ,agricultural limited produces and  at home in service sector are incapable to pull economy from the brink of near collapse.Arguments and counters on the state of economy  forcing  steady GDP decline and course correctives have been pouring out  even on ideological bias, irrelevant to the current issue.As fact of the matter our GDP  has been broadly arrived at all economic activities in the country at factor cost  adding entire expenditure at market price,investments and foreign trade surplus also taken in ambit.The indexing with a base year  has been updated in 2015 for more accuracy in real GDP.Beyond  the current fall analysis  one larger perspective emerges the correctness and reliability  of official figures datas  to further worsened  peoples` real  situation. We did not have  even  figures on job losses due to lockdown  and migration, on people affected by virus, availabilities of heath care facities, infrastructural  updation in healthcare , loss of localized businesses and more , if taken into estimate one would  collapse anytime

Prof Stiglitz  did mention his recovery doses in Keynesian bottle disagreeing to   freemarket  mechanisms  but advocated role of increased Govt, intervention and expenditure . Indeed Govt, initiated bailing out process for banks in USA and other European countries.Fortunately  India effectively steered  clear of 2008 fallout where RBI played crucial role. In the current scenario, bureaucracy  miserably  failed  in implementation follow up  as in past for Demonetisation. The course of economy  to cruise in crisis rests on  knowledgeable  wise performers ( sans bureaucrats jacks of all trades) well versed in economic technology  and with  political trust  – persons with dispassionate assessing  outlook should join loose ends one by one of lifting rope as gobbling with too many tricks may be publicity stunts  but self damaging at the end.

Stiglitz version of Freefall , A suicide and  steep GDP decline apparently  bear no link  but in the ultimate impact all are entwined somewhere.

A Hundred Year Old Bengali School At Nagpur

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Nagpur, a city known for oranges, also happened to be the headquarters for the erstwhile state of C.P.& BERAR, located geographically at the centre of India. Since the British era, because of Bengal Nagpur Railways office and epicenter of mining and mineral activities, huge influx of outsiders arrived in this city for their livelihood; Bengalis also had been settling gradually in large numbers.

As traditionally not savoury to trading activities, Bengalis in general, took to office jobs, few others independently started medical as well as legal practices. Unfortunately, educational institutions were not too many, other than vernacular schools and a handful of colleges. Nagpur did not have a university until the later part of the year 1923.

One Bengali gentleman, Sri Bipin Krishna Bose (born in 1851), and an alumnus of Presidency College, Kolkata, after completing M.A,B.L joined around 1872 the bar of Jabalpur High Court. After a short stint there, he shifted to Nagpur, where he soon earned immense reputation as a leading legal practitioner. He had been inducted as government pleader. Meanwhile, he became an eminent personality within the distinguished circle at Nagpur. He continued to be secretary of city high school and was key person for founding Morris College in the year 1885, the college boasting notable alumni-ex vice president Md Hidayatullah, dramatist Habib Tanvir, actor Asoke Kumar. Simultaneously, sensing a need of a school for Bengali children to learn in the mother tongue he donated land and money to establish in 1918 Dinanath High School in his father`s name.

The school is celebrating centenary this year. Incidentally, the alumni includes actor Basanta Choudhury and actress Jaya Bhaduri. B.K. Bose was awarded knighthood for his social service in 1920. In those days, few colleges running at Nagpur required to shuttle its students for higher education at far off place like Kolkata. At the strike of WorldWar II, with growing aspiration and public demand, the unified voice of the mass took shape to introduce Nagpur University Bill and the same was enacted on August 4, 1923.Immediately, Sir B.K. Bose was appointed Vice Chancellor of the newly decreed university,the post he held for the next five years. It was not an easy task for a Bengali to earn so much admiration and respect in a far-off place.Incidentally, Justice Vivian Bose of Supreme Court was his grandson.