traversing vast expanse of meadow

crossing rocky terrain or snow

during lonely night in wilderness

beneath open sky sensed feel of oneness,

watching blue ocean strolling ashore

luminating surf bumping  in roar

impulsively soul felt a closeness

to the omnipresent unbound vastness,

on the earth amidst distressed humanity

where hatred lynching plundering in enormity

shadow of gloom pervading abnormality

as though souls approaching perilous finality.

that His wrath allowing no immunity

only Redemption may ensure tranquility.



whenever any crisis engulfing

equipollence in cognition loosing

in duplicity steps  slipping

upon mind gloom disembarking,

if thought  perplexed

ideas found entwined

emotions stood crashed

upon soul, profanity hugged.

when knowledge be inclosed

consciousness felt impeded

discernment whisked to silence

discrimination fragmenting space.


amidst such embracing infernal infestivity

luminous thou presence reassuring humanity.

Hail Thy Spirits

one who forgets history condemned to repeat

tales of women in torment daily in media highlight:

in ancient days,an unwed Jabala stood firm

witheld identity of her man to son Satyakam,

ages later,in her youth a queenmother Kunti

tempted by a sage to forego her virginity

still society holding her a epitome of purity

none dared to doubt her on count of virginity;

when humiliated in the court Draupadi voiced objection

how her privacy abashed in public during menstruation,

the royal court of  Kauravas remained forelorn

facing lone woman`s angry sharp reprobation.

strolling time erased saga of womens` eminence

modern age encrypting regressive male dominance,

women modesty in open assaulted daily brutally

men feeling hedonoistic to ellborate dramatically;

if today`s Durga in fury not becoming annihilator

within her soul concealed a mother- the creator.



অনেক তো বলা হোল

অনেক তো বলা হোল

শব্দের গোলমালে কথা কতই না হারালো

শপথের বাণী কত আগুন ছড়ালো

মুষ্টিবদ্ধ অঙ্গীকারে উন্মাদনা নভোতলবিদ্ধ করলো;

এর পরে প্রশ্ন থাকে

বাকী ইতিহাস তার পাতায় কোন কথা লিখলো।

যত সব প্রতিবাদ কোন এক সময়ে হয় স্তব্ধ

কথা আর আওয়াজ সময়ের র্ঘূণিতে অবরুদ্ধ

অকস্মাৎ থমকানো জীবন ফেরে আপন আবর্তে

পড়ে থাকে ছেঁড়া নিশান পদদলিত একান্তে।


Fallen Crest

discard sin blame not sinner,proclaimed Redeemer

traversing terrain of history universally human faltered so ever

eroding values twisted faith deprecated sanity

desperate search for solace by degenerated humanity;

polluted noetic vista escalated by fake tantrum

botched efforts equalizing  angel and demon dictum

abdicating penance in a life sojurn-fatal call

perpetrators rule souls venerating Lucifer idol.

a moan to st. valentine

love always a poetry

although deals in chemistry

on mind’s decorative tapestry

endowing heart exquisirty,

mind looses equilibrium

steady state goes delirium

stability in hyper-perilium

cure existing in Elysium,

ancient acts of St.Valentine

bringing couples in union

defying King’s validation

also social manifestation,

essence of day in oblivion

sacrifice of saint forgotten

feral cacophonic emanation

Bonhomie of hearts sullen,

Let thy heart be mine

Let my heart be thine

Let our love be pristine.

A Letter To My Valentine

should I opt to pen or email my feel

For a while need to organize mind drill,

Old people should possess language skill

To open up whatever brewing in to reveal,

Now my dear,while you caress my letter

Your deep black eyes glancing over

My passionate syllables ecstatically shiver

Love blooms my heartbeats to cheer

Before the whole of world to declare

That you adored my first love letter:

For it’s no ordinary piece of paper

My feelhidden in wait within till unbare;

Indeed this my dream monologue craving sunshine

Until then await o’my love valentine.